Feature: How to Do Life with Future Generations

Friday, September 14, 2018

NYC's Future Generations today (September 14) share their album Landscape, which has been released via Frenchkiss Records. The album is a personal record that was inspired by an array of life-changing moves — including the end of a relationship, a move to Brooklyn and navigating around new surroundings. They recently took some time out to share their advice on how to do life.

Get outside of your comfort zone:
This is probably the most important and all-encompassing key to growth. Always accept challenges that make you uncomfortable. At work, if you’re given a task you know little about and don’t feel capable of completing, figure it out, ask questions. Thinking about going away from home to school? Do it. Get away from what makes you comfortable. Meet people who are different from you and are from different places. Any time you’re uncomfortable there’s an opportunity to grow.

Be wary of those you surround yourself with:
You can’t grow if the people you spend the most time with won’t let you. Whether it be a lover or a friend, you need to be sure the people around you will give you room to grow. If those around you aren’t willing to explore, talk, debate or even argue, then you won’t find yourself learning and growing. You can’t agree about everything with those around you, what fun is that?

Be open-minded:
This sort of touches on the last one, but it’s so important it’s worth having its own paragraph. You need to be open-minded to grow. Don’t close yourself off to ideas that make you uncomfortable or challenge what you’ve always been used to. Listen and digest.

Turn everything off:
It’s very important to spend time with yourself and only yourself. Go for a walk without your phone. Turn the music off and just think. Think about anything and let your mind wander. Silence is good and being alone to just think can be so healthy.

Feed your soul:
If you’re stuck doing a job you don’t love, or you’re in school and just going through the motions, find that one thing you really want to do or wish you knew how to do. Whether it be playing the guitar, knitting, gardening, carpentry anything like that. All of it is good for your soul. And you never know, you could spend enough time with it to be able to turn it into a secondary or primary income.

You can check out Future Generations' new album Landscape below:


If you're in North America, you can catch Future Generations live this September and October. Click here to find out where.