Feature: The Ingredients of 'Super Love Brain' with Richard In Your Mind

Friday, September 21, 2018

Richard In Your Mind has just shared their highly anticipated fifth LP Super Love Brain. Richard Cartwright dives into the story behind the album and the ingredients that helped bring it to life.

My bros/the band:
We have been playing really well together as a band and this helped the new songs to leap into life.
This album saw a new line up, with OG founding member Conrad Richters, many year members Richy Cuthbert, and Jo Muller, and new to the crew Carlos Adura on drums.  Our original drummer Pat moved to NY after the Ponderosa tours, so we were ready to make new music and when Carlos came in it just clicked into place. New ideas formed really quickly which was really fun and just encouraged writing.  Conrad is such a wizard making the Kawai analogue synth do beautiful and crazy things, plus he knows how music should sound as a genius arranger, Richy is such a strong guitarist and singer and knows all his harmonies so well,  Jo knows his bass backwards, and knows how to play along to a song almost instantly, (plus as a Vibe King there is no equal) and it’s as if Carlos has come down from the mountain after receiving the sacred knowledge.  He is sooo good! It’s his instincts that really take it to the next level, technically he’s a madman, but his choices and feel are like he can see the future and read minds. Anyway, with a crew like this, it’s just like, yeah let’s go!

The chilled out Songs of Captain Beefheart:
I was not the biggest Captain Beefheart fan really but I decided to delve into his catalogue. There is certainly a time and place for all his exploratory mad vision quest explosion music, but along the road I found there were a few chilled out sparkling diamonds. I made a compilation called BeefheartChill, including tracks like 'Observatory Crest', 'Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles', and 'My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains'.  I wound up listening to this compilation a lot. I love his sincerity, and humility, and his rhythms and all the beautiful guitar layers.  That melodic layering and unique playing I think I tried to absorb on Super Love Brain and also lyrically trying to keep things simple and honest.  I’ll have to do a playlist thing and share it round coz I think Beefheart is chill and Beautiful :)

The Duncan Trussel Family Hour Podcast:
Duncan is an amazing psychedelic, spiritual, comedian, podcast guy that interviews loads of different people from scientists, Buddhist teachers, psychedelic researchers, Satanists, comedians, anyone who has something interesting to say. He often goes into these spiralling image-drenched surreal rants that are really fun and like mad poetry.  I don’t listen to many podcasts but his I do habitually.  I think hearing discussions about existence and meaning and death and reality, helps put in order all the loose thoughts and notions I have rolling around my brain.  So I think inevitably some of the themes and ideas from his podcast come out in the lyrics and approach to what kind of music I like making.

Loss is pretty heavy and pretty inevitable.  A couple of the songs go to a yearning place, in different ways.  'Valley of the Ravers' is about the loss of golden youth and bliss,  the point where you realise your life is changing and the direction you were headed isn’t all a golden ecstatic revelation trip.  Change and stuff, stop partying like mad coz it’s not the whole picture, why can’t you build something? It’s about a part of my life that was golden but we had to let it go, in case we destroyed ourselves.

'Josephine Dream' is a surreal song for me, I didn’t know how to deal with the fact that an eleven-year-old girl I knew from when I worked in an op shop had ended her life.  Her teacher came in and told me one day because she had seen her hanging around the shop a bunch and knew we were friends.  Anyway, I still don’t know how or why things like this happen and how to sort it out.  But I was zoned out thinking about it and played the main guitar line for this song.  Music can sometimes help you sort out things, be creative in the face of destruction, I don’t think this song fixes anything, but I wanted it to be OK, I wanted to think things must be better for her now, I wanted to remember how funny and spirited she was, I wanted hope to be in there somewhere, even though I guess, for her, she couldn’t find it.

A loving Relationship:
My wife Katie and I have been together for 17 years or so and we live in the Blue Mountains and now have a 9-month-old daughter, Juniper. We weren’t going to have kids because we were pretty happy doing our thing, but certain aspects of our life started to align and the idea started to form that maybe this would be a cool thing.  The main thought that led this was that we were happy.  Don’t get me wrong we’re still as crazy and anxious any respectable human should be, but the waves are gentler these days.  And that dawning realisation that we have a good thing going on, and that it’s solid, permeates a bunch of the songs.  'I Hope You Weren’t Waiting Long' and 'Little Known Someone', especially are about learning to be happy right where you are right now, and feeling free because you have a cool real love. Though most of the songs were written before we knew we were having a baby, the state of mind that helped us make that decision was a backdrop for lots of the music on the record.

Super Love Brain is available now! You can stream it below:

Super Love Brain is also available via their Bandcamp

You can catch Richard In Your Mind live at the below shows:
17th November - Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney (tickets)
22nd November - ACMI, Melbourne (Free show)