Interview: FRITZ on 'Summer Holiday' and writing about feelings

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

FRITZ (aka Tilly Murphy) recently shared her single 'Summer Holiday', which is an ode to heartache and emotional mishaps. We had the chance to ask her about the single, the track's music video and writing.

Your new single ’Summer Holiday’ is absolutely incredible — how long did it take to create the song?

Thanks! It didn’t take too long — although I do remember the vocal melody line sitting in my phone's voice recordings for quite a while. But when I dug it up it didn’t take long to write the other parts and have a completed song.

Summertime and holidays typically evoke feelings of joy and sunshine, but ’Summer Holiday’ is a lot more reflective and personal, which is really interesting — what inspired the track’s title?

What I’m singing about all occurred last year during the summer (loss of boyfriend, feeling sick, loss of confidence, low self-esteem) so I thought that was a suitable title, because its kind of a juxtaposition to the song's contents.

The video ‘Summer Holiday’ is also pretty awesome. Did it require any nifty DIY work, and what’s the concept behind it?

There was nothing too crafty in it besides the hand drawn title at the beginning and end. The rest was just shot in different locations in Newcastle and edited to look like an old home video. My idea was to depict a similar juxtaposition as the song — so I instantly thought of a goth on a beach vibe and went with that. Originally I wanted the grim reaper in it (played by my manager, Ben), which represented how I perceived myself and how I acted in social situations at that time. He wasn’t in it in the end because none of the shots really worked with the rest of the footage hahaha.

When writing new music, where’s a place that inspires you the most?

I write all my music in my bedroom. I have a lot of art and photographs on my wall, and heaps of little trinkets and old junk, which I love being surrounded by. I think being around art is the best place to be when writing, as well as being somewhere comforting.

How does songwriting help you find release?

I really only do three things on rotation, and that is write music, sleep and eat and be social. So when I’m not doing the other two I’m writing music. I find it difficult to talk about my feelings, so I think writing helps to get them out. Playing guitar is also quite therapeutic — all you have to do is strum, you can just forget about everything you’re thinking.

With a lot of exciting shows coming up, what’s your go-to for pre-show nerves?

If I’m feeling nervous before a show (which luckily doesn’t always happen) I’ll probably just cry (I don’t recommend this though). Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a proper pep talk, like they do in the movies. If however, you’re nowhere near to the point of crying, just a bit nervous, jump up and down and breathe. I can’t say I’m much help though.

You can catch FRITZ at the below shows:
29th September - Yours & Owls All Ages Show, Towradgi Beach Hotel & Waves
29th to 30th September - Yours & Owls Festival, Wollongong
5th October - Bloodhound, Brisbane
20th October - Molo Live, Canberra
26th October - Brighton Up, Sydney
27th October - Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne
28th October - North Gong, Wollongong
3rd November - Against The Grain Festival, Brisbane
More information is available here

You can purchase 'Summer Holiday' here or stream it via Apple Music