Interview: PLANET on the thrill of playing live

Saturday, September 8, 2018

I chatted to Sydney outfit PLANET, who have been captivating audiences with their brand of dreamy rock. We talked about their EP Waking Eight, live performing and going back in time.

I am here with Matty and Tom from PLANET. Congrats on being selected to be on the BIGSOUND lineup. How does it feel? Are you guys really excited?

Tom: We’re just excited to play shows. Keen to be back in Brisbane!

So this is your second set of dates in Brisbane. You guys were here in August?

Tom: Yeah! We were here just last week touring with The Charlatans from the UK we also did their shows in Sydney and Adelaide.

What were your favourite parts about that tour?

Tom: It's good touring with a band that's nice to tour with. A lot of the time when you are the support act. The headliner can sometimes not want anything to do with you. They were nice guys which makes it a good vibe. Also, Sydney was a big highlight as well. It's our hometown. We play the Metro heaps. So it's a comfortable feeling being on home soil.

Speaking of your hometown, there are a few bands from Sydney on the BIGSOUND lineup as well. Who are you guys keen or excited to see?

Tom: We went to Sunscreen last night. I live with Alex the guitarist. Also, we saw Clews. Who we
recently became friends with. Our drummer actually did some session drumming for them. So we are
really keen to see them up here. We're all good friends down there. So it's just really good to be up here together.

What are you guys excited to bring to the Brisbane audience?

Tom: Mainly just our live sound. People may have listened to our recording but our live stuff is a fair bit different. Which is good in a way because you don't really want to go to a concert and have it exactly like the recording. It's always going to have more energy. Bands that sound exactly like the recordings are doing something wrong. You've got to get up and do something different. Gives a reason for people to buy a ticket. So yeah we're excited to do that. To show people who haven't seen us live, how we sound live.

So you guys believe in giving people two different experiences one with the EP and then the one with the live shows?

Tom: Yes, definitely should be two separate things anyway. We have some songs that were released a couple of years ago. That we still play as in our set and parts of them have changed where we actually like it better. It just feels nice not being stuck playing the same part for the next 10 years.

What are your favourite songs to play from the EP?

Tom: Me at the moment 'You, Just a Little More'. It's one of the ballads. I think it's the last song on the EP. It's a nice short and sweet kind of thing.

Matty: My favourite one is 'Waking Eight' which is the title track. I like it because it's got a bit of a dirtier sound than the other stuff on the record. There other songs like that. But 'Waking Eight' was the first song we did in that style. I've been listening to a lot of Silverchair so now I'm forever seeking that dirty tone which fun to play because we can get filthy.

You guys recently released a song 'Save.Sold'. What can audiences expect who are yet to hear it?

Matty: Dreamy and heavy. It’s supposed to be a little bit uneasy with the dissonant riff. So it goes in hand with what the lyrics are about.

Though the evolution from your first EP to now is massive, you’ve managed to keep the dreamy/rock at its core. How important was that?

Tom: It's pretty important because the whole reason that you have fans in the first place is because they're following that certain vibe that you have so you don't want to stray from it too far. But I think the main thing with the new EP was that we just cleaned it up a bit. Because in those first recordings we layered a lot more instruments that we could possibly play live and made everything way more spacious than it needed to be. We just tried to make everything a bit more upfront and straightforward. So essentially the same sound just a bit more crisp.

PLANET has quite a throwback sound. If you guys could travel back in time, which era of music do you think would PLANET sit in?

Tom: Probably the late 80’s breaching the 90’s. Though an era we’d like to be in would be the 50’s. We wouldn’t fit anywhere and we’d be very alien. It would be funny to see people start freaking out at our pedals.

It’s like that one back to the future scene when Marty plays electric guitar at his Mom’s prom.

Tom: Yeah! Exactly!

Are there any tracks that you guys are really excited to release or just currently working on?

Tom: We're holding on to a song at the moment that didn't make it to the EP because we wanted to save for an album. But everything is subject to change. We might write a song in a week that we think is way better as a single and drop that instead. We have so many songs in the bank it's all about restructuring them. Just getting them nice, neat and clean.

Well, I’m definitely super excited to hear more PLANET! Thanks for chatting with me today!

Written by Roy Gordon 

You can stream PLANET'S EP Waking Eight below: