Now Playing: GRAACE – 'Last Night'

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sydney singer-songwriter GRAACE has unveiled her first single ‘Last Night’ from her debut EP, SELF SABOTAGE (to be released 26th October) and we are completely in love. Dancing between electronic pop and melancholy piano, ‘Last Night’ is a magnetic track guaranteed to stay with you 'till morning.

The single opens with simple piano chords and bare vocals that lift to synths and a magnetic chorus. Through her lyrics, GRAACE holds the mirror to our most human tendencies, revealing how in the path of finding love for ourselves, we often forget the damage that we can do to one another: “I took your voice ‘cause I loved to lie, and I weighed you down, so I learned to fly”. But, as with the rising synths, GRAACE offers a silver lining: that, as humans, we make mistakes and we will make mistakes again; that we are still learning but that is okay. GRAACE’s effortless vocals and electropop elements will captivate you from the first listen, but it is her raw honesty that sets her apart.

Following her iridescent feature on Hayden James’ ‘Numb’ and her tour alongside Flight Facilities this year, GRAACE is declaring herself the pop artist to watch, and after this latest track release, we can’t look away.

Written by Hannah Woodfield