Now Playing: Ruby Fields – 'Dinosaurs'

Thursday, September 20, 2018

It’s been a massive week for Sydney artist Ruby Fields. Not only has she been announced on the Laneway 19 lineup, but she’s shaken up the music industry with her latest single ‘Dinosaurs’, and we promise it will make you fall in love with a whole new side of Ruby Fields.

The drop of her emotionally fired single ‘Dinosaurs’ is one of the sweetest blessings of the year. The track is a perfect reflection of her progression as an artist and maturity in her songwriting. Ruby Fields shows off a different side to previous singles ‘P Plates’ and ‘Ritalin’ with gorgeous vocals and a hint of true vulnerability.  The song gives listeners an insight into a deeply personal and emotional journey with its endearing openness – “I'm scared of the fact I've been to more funerals in my life than weddings / yeah I've lost some close mates of mine”. In true Ruby Fields style, the track hits with a final bang of confidence and power.

‘Dinosaurs’ is an alluring teaser of what's to come on her forthcoming EP.  And for now, we’ll be happy binge listening ‘Dinosaurs’ on-repeat.

Written by Montana Mincher (@montanammincher)

(Photo via Ruby Fields' FB)