Now Playing: Skyler Stonestreet – 'It Kinda Hurts'

Thursday, September 27, 2018

LA-based Skyler Stonestreet gifted us all with her touching new single 'It Kinda Hurts' recently and it's utterly enchanting. Previously, she has written for the likes of Dua Lipa and The Chainsmokers, but now it's time for her to dominate.

'It Kinda Hurts' has a reflective and musing quality in the way she pours her heart out discussing the awkwardness of watching someone moving on — and in a way, memories that were once treasured moments become distant — "I don't remember eating dinner on the floor / Kissing you at the front door of your shitty apartment / I don't remember how or why it fell apart / When you play guitar in the dark you become my weakness". The honesty of her lyrics is only amplified with the delicate combination of the acoustic guitar and electronic percussion.

Skyler Stonestreet is a true talent and 'It Kinda Hurts' is an enticing preview of why she's just so damn great.

Written by Amy Smolcic 

Skyler Stonestreet also shared the music clip for 'It Kinda Hurts' (directed by Jason Koffeman). You can watch it here.