Feature: The Anatomy of 'FACE PNCH' with Mad Hawkes

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mad Hawkes, who hails from the South Bay of Los Angeles, recently shared her single ‘FACE PNCH’. She gives us an insight into the story behind the single and what ‘FACE PNCH' means to her.

I wrote ‘FACE PNCH’ because... I grapple with the different parts of myself that I love and don’t love, writing a song encompassing all my sides feels like the best way to come to terms with who I am in certain moments.

The story behind ‘FACE PNCH’ is... I was hanging out in my room one day pacing back and forth listening to the track, I was in a mood. I started reciting lyrics as if I were reciting a poem and with all the angst and emotion bubbling in me I eventually spit out ‘I love myself say it everyday, I hate myself punch me in the face.’ It was exactly the way I felt in that moment. I continued to listen and recite the lyric for hours until the melody took shape. Attacking myself from every angle.

My favourite lyric is... 'I love myself, say it everyday. I hate myself, punch me in the face.’

It was made... in Mar Vista, California at Parts + Labor Records’s studio. Jimmy Messer cowrote and produced the track- he’s an incredibly talented writer and producer. We had a cool time making this record, it sounded like nothing we had made together before.

My main inspiration was... the need to express the inner struggle that I was experiencing and that I think most people experience. I wanted to take my struggle and get it off my chest so I could move on.

It sounds best when... you’re in one of those punching moods. Also, when you want to listen and sing along to a song that makes you laugh at yourself a bit. Bcuz we are all crazy.

You can listen to 'FACE PNCH' by Mad Hawkes