Feature: The Anatomy of 'Just Goes To Show' with Eliza Shaddad

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Eliza Shaddad's highly anticipated debut album Future is set to be unleashed on 26th October and to say we're excited is a massive understatement. She reflects on her brand new single 'Just Goes To Show' and what the song means to her.

I wrote 'Just Goes To Show'... at home in London.

The story behind ‘Just Goes To Show'... is that I'd just ended things with someone that meant a lot to me, and I was remembering all the times I'd been broken up with and thinking about what he must be going through.

My favourite lyric is... 'I watch the slick red wounds reveal'

It was made... with Chris and Andrew Bond in a beautiful studio in deepest Devon.  We fought for quite a while against the poppier and more upbeat vibe of it but it just wouldn't conform to any other vibe. So we embraced it - and then it was really vibey and enjoyable; the majority of the song flowed out in one pure take.

My main inspiration was... all the pain of dying relationships.

It sounds best when... you are fading down on a prom scene for the closing credits of a movie haha:)


You can catch the brand new video for 'Just Goes To Show' below:

Eliza Shaddad is touring around the UK this month, click here to find out where you can catch her on tour.

(Photo by Mel Tjeong)