Feature: The Anatomy of 'Soaked' with Bene

Friday, October 12, 2018

New Zealand's Bene has been busy recently — not only has she shared her impressive new single 'Soaked' but she's also set to appear during NZ's St. Jerome's Laneway Festival early next year. To celebrate the release of 'Soaked', Bene breaks down the story behind the single.

I wrote 'Soaked'... at the start of the year with the legends Josh Fountian & Djeisan Suskov.

The story behind ‘Soaked’ is... that feeling of regret you have looking back on an important  conversation and wishing that you’d found the right words to say to them at the right time.

My favourite lyric is... “You look at me like I hit you, Stole all your things and left you bruised”. 

It was made... in a studio with a cool lightbox artwork of a monster with its brain out on the wall...

My main inspiration was... an argument I had with someone I loved and being completely stuck for words and overwhelmed.

It sounds best when... listened to with a group of matezzzz.

Along with her upcoming appearance at Laneway Festival NZ 2019, Bene will be appearing with 
Winston Surfshirt this Friday and Saturday in Wellington and Auckland. Click here for more infomation.