Feature: The Anatomy of 'Soaked' with Diskopunk

Monday, October 22, 2018

's latest single 'Soaked' is everything you have been craving and so much more — the band from Stockholm give us the story of how the track came together.

We wrote 'Soaked’… in an abandoned school in the Swedish countryside.

The story behind ’Soaked' is… our drummer captain sassy pants started to play a very juicy beat and our bassist simply started blasting one string ruthlessly and we knew then and there that we wanted to play that shit for hours. And we did.

Our favourite lyric is… “If I trip on any wire then it's bound to be barbed, If I ever get in front I’ll be in front of a car”

It was made… with a little help from Babydaddy of Scissor Sisters. We don’t usually write with other people but the stars magically aligned and we let him put his gentle but firm touch on there.

Our main inspiration was… the feeling of getting smacked in the face. We wanted to fall off our chairs when the song started and indeed we still do.

It sounds best when… you play it very very loud and even better while dancing aggressively.

You can listen to 'Soaked' by Diskopunk below:

You can also listen to 'Soaked' via Spotify here