Feature: How to Do Life with Sex on Toast

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sex on Toast recently dropped their EP Rough and are about the embark on a huge tour — to celebrate all the exciting things happening for them right now, they've come together to share they're best bits of love advice in our latest 'How to Do Life' feature.

Don't let it blind you:
Angus Leslie: Limerence, Obsession, Infatuation ect…are simply not love! Sure they may be the start of love or a genuine bond but if your love is mostly longing and pain, then one might venture to say that may be a part of some deep-seated attachment issues within yourself! They could be worth sorting out with a professional... Gee, all the above things can be a roller coaster of fun though, can’t they? Also how many goddamned songs are written about that shit? I almost got a whole album’s worth once!

What even is love?
James Bowers: I'm not 100% sure I really understand what love is. In fact, I don't know if anyone does. I don't think that matters though because my version of what it is feels really great and means lots of different things and different times. Also if it goes wrong it feels really really bad, so try to avoid that, please. It's ok if you can't, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Don't hide from love:
Angus Leslie: Don’t HIDE from it though, man! If it feels like genuine love, just LET LOVE IN! (If it feels like an eel, run! some eels are very dangerous!)

Don't force it:
Ladi T: Love can't be forced, and you can't fake falling in love. You'll know its happening because it snatches you off the ground and plops you on Pegasus. You soar through the sky, you feel exhilarated and a teeny bit frightened. And if you fall off you come crashing down to earth wondering what the hell just happened. It's great.

Love is grand: 
Ladi T: I've experienced falling in love slowly and falling desperately in love immediately with no doubts whatsoever. Both are wonderful in their own ways, but there is something magnetic and stunning about a love suddenly that turns your life upside down. Keep your eyes peeled for the kind that you'd drop anything for. The kind that makes you feel like there must be angels because how else did your absolute favourite human fall into your lap.

Angus Leslie: Having said all this, the song ‘Think I’m in Love’ is a dysfunctional, paranoid and hellish journey about more than one unbelievably unhealthy collection of intrusive thoughts, some disguised as love, some not so much... Enjoy!

You can stream Rough below:

Live dates:
13th October - Howler, Melbourne
19th October - Blue Smoke, Christchurch, NZ
23rd October - Whammy Bar, Auckland, NZ
24th October - The Cabana, Napier, NZ
25th October - Caroline, Wellington, NZ
26th October - Nivara Lounge, Hamilton, NZ
27th October - Carterton Event Centre, Carterton, NZ
28th October - Leigh Sawmill Cafe, Leigh, NZ
2nd November - Sooki Lounge, Melbourne
3rd November - Karova Lounge, Ballarat
16th November - The Grand Poobah, Hobart
17th November - Club 54, Launceston
More information is available here