Feature: The Ingredients of White Dove with Tangerine

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

LA-via-Seattle indie pop trio Tangerine are set to release their brand new EP White Dove this Friday, October 19 via AWAL. Before you devour everything the EP has to offer, they've given us a glimpse into the ingredients behind their upcoming release.

Santa Carla:
The mythical seaside town where the 1980s film Lost Boys is set was a huge influence on us — everything from the fashion in the movie to the moody 80s music. We went to Redondo Beach and shot the music video for 'Cherry Red' looking for that perfect seaside town with just a little bit of darkness around the edges.

Montague Boys:
Romeo’s lit crew from Baz Lurhman’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet. The Montague boys have all the fun and rock amazing outfits while they do it. The gorgeous fatalism of their whole situation leaves such a lasting impression, plus the movie has an amazing soundtrack that is an influence in itself.

Ray of Light album from Madonna:
An insanely beautiful concept album which we always felt was an ode to Los Angeles. This album has such an incredible attention to detail — layers upon layers of production but nothing ever seems erroneous. Madonna doesn’t get enough credit for the incredible songwriter that she is... also that pleather blue dress is iconic.

Pretty in Pink:
The ultimate 80s teen movie. When we were putting the finishing touches on our song 'Lake City' we envisioned this playing during their prom scene. Is there anything more amazing than James Spader in his flowing preppy white suit.

Our home in Los Angeles:
We have a ton of cinematic influences and this is where we have family movie night. We all moved from Seattle into this house in Los Angeles together -this is where we wrote and demoed all the songs for White Dove together. It’s our little safe haven together from the world.

Their EP White Doc will be available from Friday, October 19. Until then, you can enjoy 'Cherry Red' and 'Local Mall' below:

(Photo by Mark Malijan)