Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Mickey Kojak

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Currently on the road celebrating the release of his latest single 'All That Acid', Mickey Kojak gives a little insight into some of his favourite tunes and why they're special to him.

What song reminds you of your youth?
It depends what age we’re talking. From age 5-7, I was obsessed with this Hot Wheels compilation CD I had, which had songs like 'All Star' by Smash Mouth and 'Prisoner of Society' by The Living End. I was really into metal and funk music from 7-12, so I’d say Low Rider and then on the opposite end of the spectrum, Slayer’s 'Angel Of Death'. I used to do the scream at the start of the song with my brother and once gave myself laryngitis.

What song would you love to sample?
There are a lot of songs I have sampled and won’t be talking about in case I get caught out! Sampling to me is very rooted in hip-hop and has its ties with jazz, so I think a song by Thelonious Monk would be cool, maybe a solo piano version of 'Ruby, My Dear'.

What song did you last listen to?
According to Spotify, 'Magic Fountain' by Art vs. Science.

What song do you wish you collaborated on?
I’m not too sure... I don’t think I like the idea of jumping in on someone else’s hard work after they’ve done it. I would love to collaborate with a band like MGMT or The Flaming Lips.

What song is your ultimate party track?
Subject to change, but currently... 'It’s Raining Men' by The Weather Girls

What song was your favourite track of last year?
'When You Die' by MGMT without a doubt. That track came in and rocked my world.

Listen to 'All That Acid' by Mickey Kojak below:

Tour dates:
10th October - DK Pool Club, Bathurst
13th October - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
27th October - House of Voodoo, Central Coast
2nd November - Cats, Adelaide
15th November - Jacuzzi Stu, Wollongong