Sunday, October 14, 2018

Atlanta’s 6LACK has been rapidly extending his star power in 2018 and his sold-out show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre is proof of his strong fanbase in Australia. The last time he was here was only recently, having joined Migos on their 2017 Australian tour. Almost exactly a year later, it’s a different site, with crowds rushing to witness their new favourite in-action.

First up for the night was Compton rapper Boogie. Though he hasn’t received much attention on our shores in the past, that just might change for him very soon. Boogie was a solid opener for the night and brought something different. The highlight from his set was his renowned hit ‘Oh My’, which brought a fiery energy to the crowd who begun to file into the room. If you were one of many who made their way early into Forum, you were treated to an outstanding and enthralling performance by Boogie.

THEY., who played an impressive headline show at Melbourne’s Howler the night before was the second act of the night, and they showcased their extensive range of hits for the fans eagerly awaiting for 6LACK. They played an array of tracks from their catalogue, including their amped-up material like ‘Deep End’ to their more moody R&B stuff like ‘Truth Be Told’.

Before 6LACK powered his way onto the stage, his DJ warmed up the crowd to ensure they were raring to go. He opened up his show with the melodic sounds of ‘Unfair’ — the emotional nature of the track painted a picture to fans of his current musical direction. Early during his set, he played his hit release ‘Ex Calling’.

His show featured a lot of crooning and moments of introspection from the Atlanta-based artist. Tracks like ‘Free’, ‘Luving U’, ‘Seasons’, and ‘Pretty Little Fears’ all provided a taste of the sentimentality of his words. As you looked around the room, it’s clear that his music resonates heavily with his fans. Much of his words focus on powerful emotions such as heartbreak, loss and love, and seeing them brought to life hit hard for many in the venue.

Though the majority of the night was smooth sailing jam-packed with melodic R&B tracks, there was also brief moments of his more upbeat material, such as ‘Balenciaga Challenge’.

6LACK ended his show just as it started, bringing the show full circle. This time it was with his hit song ‘Prblms’. Despite the mellowness of the track, he lifted the energy and drew in the crowd with his infectious energy.

6LACK is an astonishing storyteller, and better yet, he’s able to translate the emotions behind his music into a live setting flawlessly.

Words by - Amy Smolcic
Photography by Kristy Smolcic (Folio)