Gig Review: Niine | The Evelyn Hotel | Melbourne | 11.10.18

Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Photo via Niine's FB

During October, Niine has been gracing the stage of The Evelyn Hotel celebrating the release of her debut EP Yeah, Nah. With one more night left in the residency, here is a little sneak peek of what to expect from the avant-garde pop star.

The second week of the residency was kicked off by the jubilant Effi’s Fighting Pillow, a lively, power-pop band that filled hearts with joy. With excellent stage presence and top-notch banter, they're a nice little gem to keep an eye on for the future.

Comedown Party hit the stage soon after with a haven of synthesised madness and psychedelic wonder. The two-piece band, made up of guitar, bass, vocals, and a heck of a lot of samples were incredibly well put together, as their seamless and effortless interaction with the samples created a vivid depiction of how much effort the pair put into their performance and their songwriting. With a brilliant reimagining of a Radiohead classic, Comedown Party showed off their enormous musical prowess and imagination, sealing their position as one of Melbourne’s coolest bands.

The night was decorated and enhanced by the stunning visuals of Melbourne’s newest visual powerhouse moth.pal. The duo creates such beautiful lo-fi visuals that it’s impossible not to be swept up into a psychedelic haze and become one with the breathtaking dreamscapes created by these two sorcerers of vision. Book these people for your next gig, music video, wedding reception, or even Bar and Bat Mitzvah because innovators like this only come around once in a generation.

Finally, the penultimate performer of the night, Niine, burst onto the stage playing her EP in full. She was a cool, calm, collected sparkle that dazzled the eyes of all the spectators in the audience, hypnotising the room with her infectiously groovy tunes, and Siren-like vocals. The songs were lush and deep with off-kilter rhythms that bustled through the room as if they were walking through a rocky train on a bumpy ride, while her blazing guitar filtered through everyone’s heads leaving them a gooey mess of wonder and bliss. Her band sat proudly behind her the whole night, playing like feverish bandits, never relenting and keeping time so well they might as well be spokespeople for Rolex.

With one more night of the residency left, it is worth every ounce of effort, every dollar in your wallet, and every second of your time to go visit Niine and get a glimpse into the magical world of musical delight and intrigue that she has put together.

Written by Jaspar Robinson 

You can catch Niine tomorrow 18th October at the Evelyn Hotel launching her EP. Click here for more information.