Listen: Local Gems of the Week – 26.10.18

Friday, October 26, 2018
Photo via Yorke's FB

This is without a doubt our biggest 'Local Gems of the Week' yet. There were so many incredible tunes that we stumbled across this week and we thought they all deserved a dose of love. Enjoy all our favourites below.

Yorke – ‘First Light’
Take note, Yorke is about to be huge. Watch this space.

Sophie Ozard – ‘Catcall’
‘Catcall’ is the song we all need. Shout out to Sophie Ozard for creating this tune for anyone who has felt uncomfortable going about their daily business.

Boy Graduate – ‘Signals’
A delightful treat that will make you feel instantly relaxed.

Spokesmodel – ‘Baby, I'm A Cenobite’
Get ready to become entranced by this treasure.

Kirkis – ‘Dead Nightclub’
You’ll have this tasty tune on repeat for hours.

FERLA – ‘Voodoo’
We think we’ve found our tune for the weekend...

The Spring Peaks – ‘Sports’
We can’t wait to jam this one all summer (and possibly forever).

Charlie Collins – ‘Mexico’
She’s done it again, Charlie Collins always comes through with the goods.

Harley Mavis – ‘Magnolia’
What. A. Voice.

LISHI – ‘Token’
Utterly moving stuff from LISHI, the video will also give you chills.

Jackie Brown Jr – ‘Really Wish You Were Here’
If you enjoy ‘Really Wish You Were Here’ as much as we do, be sure to check out their freshly released EP Over Abroad.

The Jump Doubles – ‘Why Can't I Be A Fish’
If you accidentally skipped your dose of caffeine this morning, this gem will give you everything you need.

Zofi Uzumi – ‘Down to the water’
Truly a slice of heaven.

Luboku – ‘50 Days’
The production on '50 Days' will send you to another planet.

Gabbi Bolt – ‘Bend Before the Break’
This up-and-comer brings her all on ‘Bend Before the Break’