Now Playing: Kelsy Karter – 'God Knows I’ve Tried'

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Damn, the Sunshine State just keeps pushing out those musical gems! Our latest nugget of gold hailing from above comes in the form of Kelsy Karter and her new track 'God Knows I’ve Tried'.

Kelsy has a very unique voice but her style has been drawing some major Lana Del Rey comparisons, and TBH we’re here for them. 'God Knows I’ve Tried' has everything you could look for in a LDR song.  You’ve got the distinctive, sultry voice.  You’ve got the bad yet vulnerable girl.  You’ve got the sad lyrics (which are even a touch Amy Winehouse-y at times).

Comparisons aside, she is definitely crushing it in her own way and she is growing so much as a songwriter with each track she releases; and while 'God Knows I’ve Tried' is definitely her strongest yet, her previous efforts, 'Too Many Hearts To Break', 'Sad Sad Summer', 'Out of Drugs' and 'Easy Tiger', are all solid releases also.

When we came across this latest track from the absolutely stunning, superbly talented Kelsy Karter, we felt it was too good not to share.  We can’t wait to watch her career take-off and then yell at everyone, “I told you so! I told you so!”.

Written by Kate Carnell (@Kate_Carnell)

(Photo via Kelsy Karter's FB)