Premiere: Doko – 'Walking On The Ocean'

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Photo by Nico Scali

We're super stoked to bring 'Walking On The Ocean', which is the latest single by Sydney's Doko, and we just know you're about to love this one just as much as we do.

'Walking On The Ocean' is an emotional number that tells the story of a toxic relationship that's one-sided and one-half of the couple is holding the other back. On the track, vocalist Jared Higgs says "the imagery of walking on the ocean seemed to describe this perfectly in our minds; the ocean can be a very unpredictable force and can turn from good to bad one day to the next. This, to me, described how I felt about wanting someone in my life but knowing that they were bad for my mental health, and inevitably trying to move on.”

'Walking On The Ocean' marks Doko's second release for the year, the first being 'Break Open'. They'll be closing out the year by supporting Bad Pony, Mar Haze and Blue Fox, but stay tuned for their headline tour early next year.

You can check out where you can see Doko live this November here.