EP Premiere: YOMAEZ – Nonsense

Monday, November 19, 2018

We're incredibly delighted to today bring you YOMAEZ's debut EP Nonsense. We've been following the Adelaide-based producer's sounds for a while now, and have had the opportunity to premiere his previous singles 'I Hesitate', 'Dreaming' and 'Anxious'.

Singles 'I Hesitate' and 'Anxious' both find a home on Nonsense amongst an array of captivating new tracks by YOMAEZ. The EP focusses on topics such as mental health, drawing not only on his own personal experiences but also those of friends. Each track on the EP acts as a personal story or observation, discussing relatable emotions for anyone who has found themselves down-and-out.

Though production is extremely important to YOMAEZ, the lyrics play an important part in glueing the EP together track-by-track,

He's also set to focus his attention on live dates for 2019, which will see YOMAEZ bring the dynamic nature of the EP into a live space.

Check out YOMAEZ's debut EP Nonsense below: