Feature: The Anatomy of 'I Miss You' with Whethan

Friday, November 30, 2018
Photo: Supplied

Chicago-based Producer Whethan has racked-up an impressive CV of production credits, this time he's unveiled his latest track 'I Miss You', which features on Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1. He recently shared the story behind 'I Miss You' with us.

I wrote 'I Miss You’... at a real time in my life when I actually was missing someone who had been in my life for a while.

The story behind ‘I Miss You'... is that I was playing around with programming a robot’s voice in this song and I landed on the idea of the robot being lonely and missing someone and wanting them to come back. I found this interesting because robots don’t have emotions yet the character in the song does. I think the sad vocals clash nicely with the happy production.

My favourite lyric is... really the only lyric in the song, “I miss you”. Even though it’s a relatively simple lyric I think the feeling behind it is pretty complex.

It was made... by myself in my room one day when I was having all these feelings. I feel like this song is a solid representation of my emotions at the time.

It sounds best when... it’s played at a show but also fits when you’re alone and just want to play it off your phone. I think this song can work well in multiple situations.

You can listen to 'I Miss You' below:

Tour dates:
29th-31st December 2018 - Rhythm and Vines, NZ Gisborne
30th-31st December 2018 - Origin Fields, WA Perth
1st January 2019 - Field Day, NSW Sydney