Feature: The Anatomy of 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me' with WOOZE

Monday, November 19, 2018
Photo by Debora Goldmoon via WOOZE's FB

Duo WOOZE, featuring Theo Spark and Jamie She, hopped onto our radar after releasing 'Party Without Ya' and 'Hello Can You Go'. They're out to impress once again with their infectious single 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me'. They took some time out to give us the story behind the single,

We wrote 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me'... Because no one else had yet.

The story behind 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me'... Is uncannily similar to the story behind 'Hello Can You Go' and 'Party Without Ya'. In our practice room in our art/music studio-cum-gallery space Muddy Yard, we very quickly came up with the bare bones, and we fleshed it out in Theo's bedroom, where all the best things are fleshed out.

Our favourite lyric is... "Ladies who lunch with me"which is partly why we named it 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me'. Jamie recorded the line when Theo was in the bathroom next door, and had just finished deleting it when Theo re-entered and asked what it was.

It was made... In two evenings: one for writing the main guitar and drums parts along with the basic structure; the other for adding and subtracting parts as we recorded the demo.

What was your main inspiration... We never really have a 'main inspiration' for a song. It always starts by accident with one of us making the other laugh with a part while we're jamming. We then compete to make it even more ridiculous, whilst also making sense of it.

It sounds best... When played on repeat on Spotify.

Listen to 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me' by WOOZE: