Feature: The Anatomy of 'Mars' with BATTS

Friday, November 23, 2018
Photo by Al Parkinson (/I like what you look like) via BATTS' FB

The incredibly talented BATTS not only has a knack for creating musical gems, but she also loves all things science and space. She brings both these worlds together on her latest tune 'Mars'. Tonight, BATTS is also set to play the coolest set at a NASA-sponsored event called ProjectMars, deets are available here. BATTS took some time out to dive into the influences behind 'Mars'.

I wrote ‘Mars’… The day I purchased my Roland JC-22 amp and was playing with the chorus setting on it.

The story behind ‘Mars' is… It’s a story about two people in a long-distance relationship between someone who lives on Earth and someone who has chosen to go live on Mars. However, it can also relate to present day long-distance relationships or even feeling disconnected to someone you’re sitting right next to.

My favourite lyric is… ‘I’m missing human touch’

It was made… With a ridiculous amount of Chorus, live tracked in a house in Geelong with my band, after I’d just left hospital.

My main inspiration was… Elon Musk, Carl Sagan and my Roland amp.

It sounds best when… You use a good pair of headphones.

You can listen to 'Mars' by BATTS below: