Feature: The Anatomy of 'The One You Bet On' with Aphir

Friday, November 2, 2018
Photo by Isabella Connelley

Aphir aka Becki Whitton recently unveiled her single 'The One You Bet On'. Aphir has spent the last few years working on her own music, her sound engineering work and refining her electronic sound. She shares the story behind her incredible new single 'The One You Bet On'.

 I wrote 'The One You Bet On’... by myself in a hotel lobby in Brisbane while my boyfriend went out to get us some chips.

The story behind ‘The One You Bet On'... is basically just about wanting to help someone who’s petrified about where their life’s going next. But the thing is I’m super nervous about the future a lot of the time too so I’m actually not a big help lol.

My favourite lyric is... “god it’s nice to see you smiling, future fear’s killed so much time.”

It was made... in Ableton, Cubase, and Pro Tools - I usually make my beats in Ableton and then record vocals and mix in Cubase, and then master in Pro Tools. It helps me psychologically separate the different stages to use a different DAW for each one, plus it means I end up with lots of backups.

My main inspiration was... finding the right words to say.

It sounds best when... turned up loud — according to my friend who cranked it halfway through listening and then said “yep, it all makes sense now”.

You can listen to 'The One You Bet On' by Aphir below: