Feature: The Anatomy of 'Side Eye' with TRACE

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Vietnamese-American singer/songwriter TRACE last month unveiled her single 'Side Eye'. TRACE is fast becoming well known for her enchanting brand of R&B-pop, and 'Side Eye' showcases her incredible talent. She recently shared the inspiration behind 'Side Eye' for us, check it out below!

I wrote 'Side Eye'... in an Air BnB in Silver Lake with two guys from Denmark.

The story behind 'Side Eye'... is my cheeky disposition that day after having just had an interaction with my dad recently, alongside also, a disappointing date or two. I think I was just feeling particularly affected by the male gender during that time. I

My favourite lyric... would have to be: “I’m not here to make you feel good.”

It was made... with careful intention. And to be a little hurtful.

My main inspiration... was myself when it comes to how I’ve decided to start talking about my relationship with my father and with men in general.

It sounds best... when you want to roll any of your cares off your shoulders. When you want to feel relief. When you’re feeling playful. Or simply when you’re in the car. Or walking around your neighborhood. It sounds best when you really listen and also, maybe, when you’re really not.

You can listen to 'Side Eye' by TRACE below: