Feature: The Ingredients of Heaven with San Mei

Friday, November 2, 2018

Today, the ever-so-talented San Mei shares her highly anticipated EP Heaven. To celebrate its release, she took some time out to dive into the things that inspired her the most when putting the EP together.

I really connect with and often find myself feeling inspired/moved by films that feel surreal and grand and have an aspect of theatre to them.

I love the way they transport me to another place and this definitely translates across to my music. I love writing music that makes me feel like I'm in a daydream, and I hope others can find an escape for a moment when they're listening to my songs.

The list could go on but to name a few of those films that inspire me:
Donnie Darko
American Beauty
Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Edward Scissorhands
Grand Budapest Hotel
Pulp Fiction  
Dark Shadows
Scott Pilgrim vs The World 
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  

EHX Small Stone analog phase guitar pedal
I've been listening to a fair bit of psychedelic music which has made me even more enamoured with my phase pedal. It creates such a dreamy soundscape and this little guy features heavily in my EP.  There were some moments in a couple of the songs where they were maybe feeling a little cliche to me, and using the phaser helped make those moments a little more interesting.

I went on a holiday to the US a bit over a year ago, around the same time I'd been working on some of these EP songs. It was crazy to be in places that are home to so many musicians that have influenced me and shaped my own music. I didn't expect it, but felt even more of a connection to those artists' music after being immersed in their home/culture. One moment of bliss that stood out for me was listening to The Growlers while driving up the California coast. I had a moment of revelation feeling like I actually GOT it now. That trip definitely re-energized me musically and spurred on some cool ideas.

I feel like I'm constantly falling down and getting back up when it comes to the journey of my faith, and the highs and lows and sometimes tension of being 'religious' in today's climate can make me pretty introspective. I think this bleeds into my music and although those themes aren't necessarily obvious in my songs, it's a big part of who I am as a songwriter.

I'm a sucker for it! Whether it's my own or someone else's story, I want to be wrapped up in it. I might eventually move on from writing love songs exclusively but for now, this is what moves me. I have to share this crazy beautiful collaboration between Kenzo and Karen O that just blew my little socks off and is such a perfect example of the merging of love & art that makes me woozy:

You can listen to Heaven (EP) by San Mei below:

Be sure to catch San Mei on tour with Holy Holy this November and December. Click here to find out where.