Feature: The Ingredients of 'To Love You' with Joey from GLADES

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Photo via GLADES' FB

Last Friday marked the drop of GLADES' highly anticipated debut album To Love You. It's been a long time coming for the trio, who have gathered a supportive and dedicated fan base across the past few years. Joey Wenceslao from the group broke down some of the influences behind the LP.

New Girl
New Girl became the go-to show that we watched to wind down with a bowl of ice cream after a long day of writing. Hated Schmitt at first but he quickly became our favourite character. So many great one-liners. Still haven’t finished it though. I promised Karina that I wouldn’t watch it without her. It’s pretty tempting though. I need closure.

Charlie Puth - Voicenotes
Karina does this thing where she finds a song she likes and she puts that song on repeat for days, nay, weeks on end hahaha. During our most recent LA trip, it was Charlie Puth songs like Empty Cups or Boy. I know Voicenotes like the back of my hand now. We didn’t consciously do it, but I guess our song Sweetheart has some Charlie Puth 80’s-throwback vibe to it too!

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups
We went grocery shopping within the first few days of getting to LA with the intention of buying ingredients to cook dinner every night and be healthy. Then we got to the confectionary section, found a family-sized bag of peanut butter cups, and it was game over. They became one of our go-to snacks while writing, second only to hummus. The miniature size has the best peanut butter to chocolate ratio. Cam won’t admit it but he loves these too

“Party Sized” Organic Hummus
Hummus is the best dip, do not @ me. When we felt too guilty about peanut butter cups, hummus was there for us. Carrot sticks. Celery sticks. On bread. The versatility! The one we always got was “party size” and we always got this size for the novelty.

3 AM
We mention it and late nights a few times throughout the album. When we’re away in LA, there are two, 3 hour windows when we can be awake while our friends and family back home are awake. So we definitely spent a lot of nights staying up late to talk to people back home in Sydney. The world’s also so much quieter at night. So peaceful.

You can watch the new music video for 'Do Right' below:

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