Listen: Local Gems of the Week – 2.11.18

Friday, November 2, 2018
Photo by Clay Waddell via IV League's FB

It's our first round-up for November and we're excited!! Here's your tasty serving of the best sounds released across the country.

IV League – 'Lose Me'
Absolute chills. IV League have another winner.

T Scarlett – 'Can't See'
T Scarlett's vocals will give you goosebumps.

The Buoys – 'Make It Clear'
Everything they do is gold.

Aphir – 'The One You Bet On'
'The One You Bet On' sounds out of this world, Aphir is on a whole other level.

Amy Pollock – 'Come Down'
After wowing us with 'Sandman', she's done it again on 'Come Down'.

KAYO – 'Asha Says' 
This gem was uploaded a few months ago, but we just came across it so it still counts ;) KAYO hits a homerun with 'Asha Says'

Pink Wasabi – 'Queen'
Pink Wasabi takes us all on an entrancing journey that you won't want to end.

RIVAH – 'Flood' 
RIVAH is a powerhouse in the making.

Ruby Gill – 'Your Mum'
Raw and reflective, 'Your Mum' is absolutley incredible.

Midnight Pool Party – 'Stand A Chance'
If you're in need of a new party tune, Midnight Pool Party have you covered.

Tashka – 'Vacant'
'Vacant' is a treasure.

DROVES – 'Time' 
DROVES blend new and old on their storylike single 'Time'.

HIRAKU – 'Spirited Away' 
Absolute fire from HIRAKU.