Feature: The Anatomy of 'Fading Out' with Husky Loops

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Italian art-rock trio Husky Loops shared their dynamic single 'Fading Out' a few months ago. Danio from the group gets into detail on the story behind 'Fading Out' and what the single means to himself and Husky Loops.

I wrote ‘Fading Out… I wrote the song and the riff at home and I brought it to the guys in our rehearsal space in South London. I had demoed it before with a 1970’s soul beat and some crazy hyper distorted guitars, but what I wanted to achieve was a very mechanical/hip hop like sound. Silver was the colour I had in my head, something cold. Something super in your face. I wanted each instrument to have no life whatsoever, like if everything was being played by a metal machine. We started jamming together with this idea in mind and in about 3 or 4 hours we wrote the chopped almost slapped bassline and that DJ-Premiere-like groove. The recording is fully live, I’m quite proud we managed to sound like a crazy factory.

The story behind ‘Fading Out' is… I wrote "Fading Out” in my previous flat in west London around 2 years ago. I was about to move out of there (me and my ex broke up at the time) and the inspiration for the song came to me then. The music was sounding quite dark tho, so another idea came to me which was trying to write a “moving out” themed tune that could mean something different to the listeners depending in what mood they're in. It can be a love song or a political song. The chorus and the verses are referring to the migrants fighting for their life while trying to get to Europe by sea, the intro and the ending are about me moving out of my flat. At least that is what it means to me.

My favourite lyric is… “Smile as hard as you can they can’t see you in the dark”

It was made… With a guitar, a bass, a drum kit and a voice. It was recorded in the Italian Alps, more precisely, in Frisanco, Friuli Venezia Giulia. In Enrico’s Berto house, aka Mushroom Studios.

Our main inspiration was… J Dilla, Pusha-T and Pet Sounds. You could never tell or hear any of these people in our song but hey…! Sometimes inspiration comes from places you’d never imagine…

It sounds best when… It’s really loud on huge speakers. Choose good ones. Good huge ones. And listen to it very loud. Make sure you’re blasting it, ‘cause you get all the subs and the piercing guitars right in the right spot (your face).

You can watch the music video for 'Fading Out' by Husky Loops below: