Feature: The Anatomy of 'Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)' with JAZZBOY

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Photo by Christopher Barraja

Parisian artist Jazzboy has fast become known for captivating brand of psych-pop. The French avant-garde musician breaks down his single 'Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)' as well as the story on how it came to life.

I wrote ‘Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)’... over the course of a few days, and I kind of struggled to find the right structure for it. It was this kind of mysterious puzzle made from weird gloomy parts for like 3 days, and then it suddenly all came together in my head when I played it to my girlfriend.

The story behind ‘Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)' is... that it’s a melancholic souvenir of something that someone would do with his friends a long time ago, and how romantic it is to accept that it's gone forever.

My favourite lyric is... "I try to fuck with my genius but I think I left it". It's barely english I guess, and I still don't fully understand what I was trying to say there. I guess it's all buried deep in my subconscious and I like it.

It was made... in my bedroom, with heavy use of this old Roland digital drum machine from the 90's. I think there are like 4 layers of those beats in there ahah. I had this very strong vision to create something Dance Music orientated while recording it, but I didn't really know how to make a proper dance beat so I guess this is my take on it. I'm sorry Dance Music…

My main inspiration was... influence, both social and chemical. So yeah, drugs and the people you do them with basically.

It sounds best when... played very loud in a shitty warehouse filled with people dancing crazy and thinking about their past.

You can check out 'Just Like We Did It (Dr1gs)' by JAZZBOY below: