Feature: The Anatomy of 'Nothing To See' with Resin Moon

Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Photo by Danny McShane

Alice Springs-based experimental alt-pop artist Resin Moon last month shared his captivating new single 'Nothing To See'. He takes us through 'Nothing To See' and what the single means to him.

I wrote 'Nothing To See'… over 2 years, it stared as a beat on my laptop while I was travelling, i then finished it off at my Alice Springs studio

The story behind ‘Nothing To See' is… about a journey into the imagination. I think as we grow up we lose the sense of wonder and the magic of dreaming our world into existence. I wanted to rediscover that sense of wonder and illusion in the music and lyrics, which are about escaping reality, escaping the world of sensation.

My favourite lyric is… “if you follow this feeling you just might forget what you’re fighting”, I was wanting to find some new freedom and space in my music and in my world while writing this song, I think the lyrics follow this theme for sure.

It was made… between Alice Springs, Brisbane and Melbourne. I used an old 70s reel to reel tape machine to smooth out a lot of the synths and drum sounds, I love the way it adds a sexy, cinematic, nostalgic quality to the electronic sounds.

My main inspiration was… reading books about psychology and spirituality, I’ve been reading a lot about the big questions of existence and Being recently. It’s deep stuff, but really inspiring when thinking about music and creativity and what a profound, universal language music is.

It sounds best when… driving late at night, neon lights, feeling chilled.

You can listen to 'Nothing To See' by Resin Moon below: