Feature: The Ingredients of 'I Please Myself' with RACKETT

Friday, December 7, 2018

To celebrate the release of the release of I Please Myself today, Rebecca Callander, the lead singer and guitarist of RACKETT, dives into the influences behind the EP. Learn more about I Please Myself below.

'I Please Myself' was heavily influenced by PEACHES. Her gritty and simple rock inspired electronic pop. It also felt like a fitting musical backdrop to the message of the song; self-satisfaction.

The Hives:
'FU' and 'Tried to Quit' was inspired by The Hives. Fast, hard and badass af. We wanted to create something that was really in your face. We used a lot of fuzz on the guitars, distortion on the vocals.

'F'U' is stripped of any metaphorical writing and is straightforward and to the point, it’s a very raw expression.

The Kills & Rihanna:
'Kiss it Better' was inspired by The Kills and Rihanna. I was listening to Rihanna’s album ANTI on a road trip with my BF at the time. He was my saving grace after a brutal summer of failed love affairs and the line just stuck in my subconscious. It’s my love song to him. I didn’t notice the lyrics between the two tracks until after I’d recorded it and I hope Rihanna doesn't mind. I referenced The Kills for the simple, rock bluesy backdrop to the lyrics.

Check out I Please Myself below:

You can catch RACKETT at Lost Paradise 2018, plus at the Cobra Club in Sydney on 18th December launching the EP. Click here for more information.