Feature: Our Guide to the Best Tracks of 2018

Monday, December 17, 2018

We're super stoked to bring you the tunes we have enjoyed the most in 2018. Here at Wickedd Childd, we're lucky to have stumbled across some mighty fine tunes. Below, we've rounded up the 20 tracks that have captured our hearts.

Amy Smolcic:
‘Muted Beatings’ by Albert Hammond Jr.
Every time I listen to ‘Muted Beatings’, I feel like I’ve been knocked over by a bag of bricks. It’s an incredibly special song and one that will always hold #1 spot in my heart.

‘CLOUT CO13A1N’ by Denzel Curry 
Melancholic in nature, Denzel Curry pours some of his rawest lyrics yet on ‘CLOUT CO13A1N’. Plus the visuals for the track are some of the most powerful I’ve seen all year.

‘Follow Me Down’ by Renata Zeiguer 
‘Follow Me Down’ is utterly majestic. Renata Zeiguer is an amazing songwriter and I’m a huge fan of the way she tells stories through her music.

‘Empress In Reverse’ by Tanners
I adore everything Tanners does and ‘Empress In Reverse’ is a slice of pop heaven. 2019 is set to be her year.

‘Show You’ by CXLOE
If you’re not blasting ‘Show You’ on-repeat for hours, you’re doing it all wrong. The power behind this gem is out-of-this-world.

‘Summer Holiday’ by Fritz
There’s nothing I love more than a track that makes me feel like I’m at the beach on an overcast day. Fritz gives it her all on ‘Summer Holiday’, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

‘High For You’ by BYRN
Everytime I listen to 'High For You', I feel like I'm lost in a dreamdream and it feels so good.

‘Silver Haze’ by Julietta
Indie-pop, 80s vibes and a dash of disco makes for the ultimate mix on ‘Silver Haze. I'm a HUGE fan of Julietta's entire EP, but this one always ends up on repeat.

‘Nevermore’ by Milk & Bone
The duo from Montreal always deliver and ‘Nevermore’ is no exception. The single is truly enthralling and magical.

‘Storm’ by Dahlia Sleeps
Dahlia Sleeps will leave you with all the feels with ‘Storm’. I’ve loved everything they’ve done all year and I can’t wait finally listen to their EP next year!

Kristy Smolcic:
'I’m Good' by WAFIA
This one is a great song to come out from Australian pop music this year! It provides a powerful message that encourages you to celebrate the single life. It's just so damn catchy too. Love it. 

'Lovelawn' by Willie J Healey
Oh, Willie J Healey. This track is chill, dark and twisted, which is right up my alley! I have no more words, just please listen to it if you haven't already.

'Midnight In Tokyo' by Mini Mansions
After being on the Mini Mansions train since the beginning, this song was a pleasant surprise! It showed that they can shift themselves between styles. Can't wait to hear where the train leads to next!

'Juliet & Caesar' by Cautious Clay
I'm a big fan of Cautious Clay! This is the type of track that will ultimately grab you and make you revel in the beauty of it.

'Happy Sad' by Ocean Alley 
The contrast in this song is an absolute killer! It takes you on a journey musically and lyrically exploring love, the mind and all the stuff in-between. It's a great well-rounded track. 

'A Leo Underwater' by Daffodils
The ’80s has had a massive influence on music this year. This song is how it should be done. I'm hoping for more music from Daffodils in 2019, please!

'Heaven' by San Mei
I absolutely adore this song — I'm always excited to see what San Mei has up her sleeves.

'Mr. Tillman' by Father John Misty
You get lost into the magic of 'Mr Tillman' instantly, which is what makes Misty such a mastermind. It's a beautiful blend of great lyrics and very clever instrumentals.

'Hello Can You Go' by WOOZE 
This track is bonkers! It's a roller coaster of a track that would be absolutely killer live. WOOZE are definitely one to listen out for in 2019!

'Baby I Love You' by Ryan Adams
Okay, Story time. This song was released this year on Valentines Day which also happens to be my birthday. I am also a massive Ryan Adams fan so hearing a new song of his made my absolute day. It has reflective lyrics with the energy of a classic love song. He can do no wrong in my books. It was such a treat to play it on repeat all day long on my birthday and many, many more days after.

You can enjoy our fave tunes of 2018 in our playlist below!