Now Playing: SHY Martin – ‘Just A Little Longer'

Monday, December 24, 2018
Photo via SHY Martin's Soundcloud

Just because we've reached the end of the year, that doesn't mean the good tunes have to stop – today we stumbled across SHY Martin's latest single 'Just A Little Longer' and we're absolutely addicted. 

SHY Martin, who hails from Sweden, is a name you should be watching out for in 2019. Her single 'Just A Little Longer' is a delightful slice of indie-pop, featuring elevating synths, beaming vocals and lyrics that will tug at your heartstrings. One listen of 'Just A Little Longer' won't be enough and you'll find yourself playing it on repeat for hours. The track tells the story of someone who is at a breaking point in a relationship and can't decide if they want to leave or stay and work it out. 

You can listen to 'Just A Little Longer' by SHY Martin below.

Written by Amy Smolcic