Video Premiere: LX Mason – 'I Don't'

Monday, December 17, 2018
Image - supplied

We're incredibly excited today to share with you the first ever music video by Florida-raised and Australian-based artist LX Mason for 'I Don't'

Presented vertically, as it would appear on an IG or Snapchat story, the video for 'I Don't' is a reflection of the personal nature of the track. The track was inspired by LX Mason's frustrations with social norms and the pressure to live up to a certain expectation. The purpose of 'I Don't' is to find freedom and release from such pressures. On the video, LX Mason said, "The video is an expression of that as well. If you watch closely, you can see throughout the video people gradually being okay with being themselves and allowing other people to see it."

You can watch 'I Don't' by LX Mason below.