Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Don't Hesitate' with RAT BOY

Friday, January 18, 2019

With the release of his sophomore album Internationally Unknown coming up on January 25th, RAT BOY has been busy. Before we get to hear the album, he takes us through his recent single 'Don't Hesitate'. You can check out the music video for the track below.

I wrote 'Don’t Hesitate'... about a year ago on a trip to LA with my band and Tommy. It was a fun time, we would wake up go to 7/11 skate around a little head to the studio stay there 'til the night and go out and do something. Or. I’d do some art.

The story behind ‘Don’t Hesitate’ is… a half real half surreal story tellin' thing kinda going for a slick rick too short thing. I wanted to make something that said something but also was kinda fucked up and glitchy.

My favourite lyric is... "slip disc now ya back gone stiff".

It was made… over in LA with my band live tracked with Tim Armstrong and John King giving us weird instruments to try. After that, I chopped it in logic.

My main inspiration was… early 90s hip hop Dr Dre Chronic style production, also a little bit of Rebel MC/ London Posse.

It sounds best when… it’s clippin'.

Watch the music video for 'Don't Hesitate' by RAT BOY below: