Feature: The Anatomy of 'Shoot' with White Room

Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Photo by Phoebe Fox via White Room's FB

Brighton band White Room has brought the new year in with style by playing a series of shows in the UK. To celebrate their incredible single 'Shoot' (released a few months ago) and their recent live dates, Jake from the band breaks down the story behind the single.

We wrote ’Shoot'…  at my house, just after Tristan had been away. He called me up saying he's got some parts together in his head for a new tune so came straight over and we began putting it together. The lyrics came pretty quickly and we had the backbone of 'Shoot' pretty much there that night.

The story behind ’Shoot ' is… we’ve all had experience of friends or family going through depression and other forms of mental illness and seen first hand how it can really isolate and pull its victims apart. I wanted to write something to encourage dialogue about mental illness, a kind of reminder that if you are suffering, there’s always someone out there to listen and love. ‘If you can find a way to let me in, maybe I can help’, so to speak.

My favourite lyric is… I think mine would be "I hear you've taken time to empathise with the demons in your mind"

It was made… in a boiling hot bedroom on my birthday in the summer of 2018. We had included it in the live set for a while before then, and we decided the best way to really capture Shoot's groove and angst was to track it live and keep it nice and dirty so we set up at mine and got Theo Verney in on Co-Production and Mixing. I think we found exactly what we were looking for in that session.

Our main inspiration was… new wave artists such as Adam Ant and Talking Heads. Also a sprinkle of Rocky Horror Show.

It sounds best when… you can’t beat this one at a live show!

If you're in Brighton in the UK, you can catch White Room at The Haunt on 2nd January! More info is available here