Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Your Money, It's Ugly' with Fascinator

Thursday, January 24, 2019

After spending some time over in New York DJing, Fascinator is back in Australia to drop a new single and play a series of shows. Fascinator takes us through the inspiration behind his latest tune, check it out below.

I wrote 'Your Money, It's Ugly’… probably towards the end of 2015, in several parts with various influences. Musically I was excited, lyrically I was deeply cynical.

The story behind 'Your Money, It's Ugly’ is… the bass line has a Brazilian disco influence while my shitty organ solos and stabs are laced with the hours of afrobeat and African disco I'd been DJing around NYC at the time. Lyrically it's a comment on the ugliness I saw in New York both in a personal relationship and the clientele at a club I was DJing at the time in the way they would brag about or flash their money around.

My favourite lyric is… Your money, it's ugly.

It was made… in my apartment.

My main inspiration was… Oh whoops, I already kind of answered that. A combination of the celebratory wondrousness of Brazilian and afro-disco and the self-serving misanthropy that seems to come with a lot of wealth.

It sounds best when… loud and danced to.

You listen to ‘Your Money, It's Ugly' below:

Tour dates:
Friday 1 February - Sub-Kulture Vulture, The Nest Creative Space, Sydney NSW
Friday 8 February - Locura, Byron Bay NSW
Saturday 2 March - The Farmer and the Owl Festival, Wollongong NSW
Tickets are available here