Gig Review: Interpol | Melbourne | 4.1.19

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel

New York’s Interpol, featuring founding members Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler, as well as Sam Fogarino (who joined in 2000) have earnt their stripes across their journey since forming in the late 90s. The Palais, which hosted them for the evening, is the ultimate venue to showcase their entrancing brand of rock. Known for their engaging live shows, Perth’s Psychedelic Porn Crumpets warmed the night up in mighty style. Their opener ‘Surf’s Up’ provided the grooves from the get-go, whilst tracks like ‘Marmalade March’ provided further moments of pure exhilaration. It’s hard not to love everything that they do and are an act everyone needs to see ASAP. Interpol set the room alight — both metaphorically and literally. The venue had it all, from disco balls and dazzling lights, which only complimented the show they set out to create. They kicked things off with their broody release ‘Pioneer to the Falls’, which echoed throughout the entire building. Vintage Interpol continued to be on show, with ‘C’mere’ next up on the menu. After spending the initial portion of the set embracing Interpol’s classic material, it was time for a dose of Marauder to make its way into their set. The 2018 released album was widely praised by critics and reaffirmed their greatness. Our first taste of the album for the night was ‘If You Really Love Nothing’, a dynamic number that maintained the energy early on. Throughout their set, they weaved between their older material as well as fresh cuts from their most recent album. Moving between different times in their history meant that there was something for everyone, regardless of when you became a fan of the band. Though the night was positively received from everyone in the room, there were some clear crowd favourites, whether it was their famous hit ‘NYC’, ‘Evil’ and ‘Slow Hands’, the two latter tracks appeared later in their set. Another shining moment was their closer ‘Obstacle 1’, which was a powerful way to close their memorable show. Interpol delivered a performance that satisfied the cravings of long-time and new fans alike — not only were fans treated to a captivating show, they provided an engaging musical experience for everyone who was lucky enough to witness them in action.

Written by Emily O'Brien