Album Review: Broods – Don’t Feed The Pop Monster

Friday, February 1, 2019

New Zealand siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott are on the fast track to pop domination and their new album Don’t Feed The Pop Monster is another step towards taking the throne. Broods continue to remain true to the sound that has earned them a legion of dedicated fans, but their album has also allowed room for experimentation and exploration.

Over the course of the album, there’s almost a chiaroscuro effect throughout the songs. Even though the album is home to glowing synths, they explore the beauty of darkness in the album’s production. ‘Everytime You Go’ features a nail-biting ratling sound lurking in the background — and whilst Georgia’s vocals are beaming with light, there’s no escaping the shadowy feeling of the rattling. ‘Dust’, which features prevalent guitar usage, blends elevating synths with cloudy guitars — creating a bewitching contrast of different moods.

Much of the experimentation on Don’t Feed The Pop Monster appears to come from an organic place. They haven’t overthought the sounds that they weave together, instead, allowing the album to be driven by the natural desire to dissect what we know about pop. This has led to them seeking inspiration from genres outside pop — whether it’s the country-like vocals from Caleb on ‘Too Proud’ on the chorus or the pouncing synths that open the album in ‘Sucker’ (which sound like something straight out of Stranger Things). Whilst they have experimented with an array of different sounds, it’s very much a pop album.

Even though Broods bring together a diverse collection of intriguing soundscapes, they never stray too far from the sound that many have come to love. Their moving track 'To Belong' will grip onto all your emotions, especially with words such as “I know you want nothing more / than just to belong”.

Don’t Feed The Pop Monster isn’t all darkness — the album also provides shining moments of pure light. Their thrilling track ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ features an all-consuming groove. The track before, ‘Hospitalized’, is a summery song that will hit you with an instant dose of euphoria.

Sometimes all-you-eat buffets are a bad idea, but in the case of Broods, their album is a delicious offering of enthralling soundscapes, elevating vocals and lyrics that will resonate deeply with listeners.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

You can catch Broods on tour at the below dates:
May 21st - The Forum - Melbourne
May 22nd - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide 
May 28th - Enmore Theatre - Sydney
May 30th - Eatons Hill Hotel - Brisbane
1st June - Metropolis - Fremantle
Tickets go on sale on February 4th. Live Nation pre-sale begins 9am Friday, February 1st until 7am Monday, February 4th. More information is available here.