Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Piochitas' with Haze

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Photo by Rowan Allen

Bristol's own Haze unveiled their single 'Piochitas' early month via Hate Hate Hate Records. Will from the band breaks down the track for us in its entirety.

I wrote ‘Piochitas’... when I was bed-ridden in my first year of university in Bristol, along with our other track ‘St John’. Being trapped in my room for a few days, for some reason, encouraged me to obsess over Trotsky and Kahlo.

The story behind ‘Piochitas'... is a hyperbolic and historically inaccurate take on Leon Trotsky and Frida Kahlo’s brief affair, unjustly reading it as some sort of symbol for the demise of international communism. ‘Piochitas’ translates roughly as ‘little goat’, Kahlo’s nickname for Trotsky, if one weird and unreferenced blogpost is to be believed.

My favourite lyric is... ‘from the motherland, hand in hand, more than comrades’. This is mainly due to the fact that ‘More than Comrades’ is also a dating site for anarchists and communists to find love.

It was made... in Limehouse Studios in London, recorded over two days with the brilliant Chris Lloyd Hayden. The main basis of the track was live tracked, with subsequent hours spent layering it up with maracas, cowbell and pipe organ, somewhat uncharacteristic of our regular stripped-down approach. They were fun days.

My main inspiration... was Devo, the ultimate source of catchy wonkiness. Piochitas attempts to channel discordant guitar work into the form of a conventional pop song, something I reckon Devo got right.

It sounds best... when played on vinyl. (We are very excited to have had these made) Or maybe live, in a rawer and sweatier form.

Listen to 'Piochitas' by Haze below: