Feature: Things You Didn't Know About Flint Eastwood

Monday, February 11, 2019

To celebrate her upcoming shows in Australia this month, Detroit's Flint Eastwood dives straight into some facts that you might not know about her — check them out below!

1. Every song I've released for the past two EPs has a secret message in it to someone I know. It's mostly inside jokes, but I never tell the friend about it- I just wait to see if they notice. They usually don't.

2. The only rap verse I know all the way through is André 3000’s first verse on Outkast's “Bombs Over Baghdad”. See fact 6 for the reason as to why I know it.

3. The only way to change the world is to change yourself and dance through your problems. It doesn't have to my literal dancing - everybody's dance is different. Your dance could be cooking a healthy meal for yourself or meditating; for me, it's actual dancing.

4. My brothers are my best friends. One of them gets me so well on my left-brained creative side; the other has helped me logic myself through this crazy little thing called life. I'd be lost without them.

5. The earth is going to turn into molten lava someday. So none of this shit matters. Might as well enjoy life and help others enjoy it with you.

6. I grew up without cable or internet & once spent an entire summer learning to do shitty balloon animals because I was so bored.

7.  If I wasn’t doing music I’d be a travelling portrait photographer, hopefully capturing the experiences of people who aren’t enamored by celebrity culture.

8. I have a cat named Pancake. I found her near my mother’s gravestone when I went to bury her ashes. She stayed near the grave all weekend & my partner at the time nearly murdered me for bringing her home. She eventually fell in love with her. Sometimes you have to trust your gut.

9. I will never regret naming my cat pancake. Period.

Watch the clip for 'Hurt' here:

You can catch Flint Eastwood at Gaytimes Festival in Melbourne from 15th to 17th February, Farmer & The Owl Festival in Wollongong and the below shows:
27th February - Howler, Melbourne
28th February - Lansdowne, Sydney
More info is available here