Feature: The Anatomy of 'The Floor Is Lava' with Amanda Tenfjord

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Trondheim-based artist Amanda Tenfjord has just unveiled her beaming new single 'The Floor Is Lava' via Propeller Recordings. Her latest single is her first since sharing her stunning EP First Impression. To celebrate the single's release, we asked Amanda to share the story of how 'The Floor Is Lava' came to life.

I wrote ‘The Floor Is Lava'... together with Lasse Lokøy, a musician and friend I met through soccer. He is a great producer and writer!

The story behind ‘The Floor Is Lava' is... that Lasse played this really playful intro-sound (which actually was played on a coconut!), which I really liked. And we both got this young and fresh feeling and wanted to just write a happy song. We started talking about all those moments where you feel high on life, like when you ride your bike "no hands!", when you sing really loud to yourself etc. So we wanted to get these feelings into a song and make people feel like they were kids again, just for a moment.

My favourite lyric is... "now I'm on a high, catch me if you can".

It was made... in Lasse's temporary bedroom, and we used two crates as a table for his mac haha.

My main inspiration was... my childhood memories. I had a great childhood in my small village and as a kid, I liked to play A LOT. So I wanted to write a song to recall all those great moments where you are purely happy.

It sounds best... when you want to have a good time.

Listen to 'The Floor Is Lava' by Amanda Tenfjord below: