Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Say It' with Thandi Phoenix

Monday, March 18, 2019

Recently, the ever-so-talented Thandi Phoenix combined her musical superpowers with UK powerhouse Sigma on 'Say It'. She took some time-out to break-down the story behind her dazzling new single for us below.

The story behind 'Say It' is... finding yourself at a point in a relationship where your desire for honesty and intimacy has reached bursting point. There's a profound power in being vulnerable and open with someone about your feelings and this song is calling out for just that

My favourite lyric is... “Say it that you want me now. Say it that you need me now. Confess to me”

It was made... in a room with a colour wheel remote so I was switching up the colours and feels often - felt like a nightclub in the studio haha

My main inspiration was... big 90s house tunes with rhythmic driven pianos and anthemic hooks

It sounds best when... you turn it all the way up

You can listen to 'Say It' by Thandi Phoenix below: