Feature: The Anatomy of 'She’s Too Good For Me' with Franc Moody

Monday, March 25, 2019

London-based collective Franc Moody earlier this month shared their infectious new single 'She’s Too Good For Me'. Featuring influences spanning from disco, funk and techno, you'll fall in love with the single as soon as you hit play. Ned Franc & Jon Moody took some time to share the story behind the track for us.

We wrote 'She’s Too Good For Me'... years ago, before Franc Moody even began. It was the first tune we wrote together and sowed the seeds of starting the project. We’ve always loved it and eventually gave it the ‘Franc Moody’ facelift it needed.

The story behind ‘She’s Too Good For Me'... is about punching above your weight and the anxiety that comes with a hint of imposter syndrome. It’s a tongue in cheek take on a relationship that feels like it’s hanging by a thread.

Our favourite lyric is... "...coz she could’ve had anyone that she damn wanted, but sadly she got me.”

It was made... for people to get down to and not take themselves too seriously. It’s a good ol’ slice of funk-fueled light entertainment.

Our main inspiration was... the damp and mould infested rooms of the warehouse space we wrote this in, all the while dreaming of performing this tune on sunkissed festival stages.

It sounds best when... transcribed onto harpsichord. (It really does suit that 16th Century house party vibe).

You can listen to 'She’s Too Good For Me' by Franc Moody below:

Find out where you can catch them live soon in the UK & Ireland here