Feature: The Anatomy of ‘Stop and Stare' with GLOO

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Littlehampton trio GLOO recently unveiled their dynamic single 'Stop and Stare'. Tom Harfield, who is the vocalist and guitarist in the group took some time out to give us the backstory behind the track. Check it out below!

I wrote 'Stop and Stare'... in about an hour after work one day in a bedsit flat. Fuelled by a shit day, it really made me want to write a song so one day I wouldn't have to go to " work "

The story behind 'Stop and Stare'... is that I was sick of the feeling of being watched all the time with social media and just a feeling of like I couldn’t have privacy in real life too. It’s a song about not having control of yourself or your own time and not being happy with that

My favourite lyric is... the chorus line ‘somebody’s watching me’ over and over. Exactly what my head was saying in 3, technically 4 words haha

It was made... in South Terrace in Littlehampton on a cold, wet evening. Whisky on tap.

My main inspiration was... the shitness of work that day but as always there’s musical inspiration which I took from a lot of stooges simplicity and grit. The inspiration for me is anything that can lead to escapism, sometimes it comes in books, sometimes from people.

It sounds best when... you're really fucked off or getting really fucked up.

Listen to 'Stop and Stare' by GLOO below: