Feature: The Ingredients of Counting The Miles with KAWALA

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Photo by Sarah Louise Bennett

If you're looking for some new indie-pop tunes to add to your playlist, let us introduce you to London's KAWALA, who just shared their latest EP Counting the Miles via Mahogany Records. You can learn more about their magnetic and charming new release below.

A mega bus:
'Roads' was one of the earliest songs we ever wrote. It was while we were both studying in Leeds, and we wrote it about the absolute nightmare journey too and from London on a student budget mega bus.

Almost the whole EP discusses moving through life stages and trying to positively progress. It’s insane how many steps you have to go through to try and get anywhere in music so we thought we’d write about it!

'Pylons' by Eaves:
Despite this being our second EP, it features two of our earliest songs, 'Kept In The Dark' & 'Roads'. Back when we wrote them, we couldn’t stop listening to the Mahogany session for Eaves’ song 'Pylons'. Its use of rhythmic melody was so inspirational for our early writing.

Fingerstyle guitar & harmonies:
The core of our music is based around the use of fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing, with two-part close harmonies. So even though the production at times is big and dancey, it still all centres around the vocals and acoustic.

Balance of Styles:
While the centre of our sound is it’s folky side, as presented in songs like 'Moonlight, we wanted to get a real balance with that and the more upbeat side of our music. We wanted in a four-song EP, to present as much of a range of what we do.

Listen to Counting the Miles by KAWALA below:

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