Interview: Hey Australia, It's Time To Meet whenyoung

Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Limerick-raised and now London-based trio whenyoung dominated SXSW this month. Having signed with Dew Process recently, there's a good chance we're going to be seeing a lot more of them in Australia, and we're pretty damn excited. Whilst in Texas for SXSW, we caught up with Aoife Power (vocals/bass), Niall Burns (guitar) and Andrew Flood (drums) to talk about their first US trip, touring and ‘Never Let Go’.

How are you settling into Austin?

Aoife: Really good, we came in from New York and it’s quite the contrast, but we love it.
Andrew: Yeah, it’s so cool. We’re staying out of town in the suburbs as well, so it feels like we live here (laughs). 

And how did things go in New York?

Aoife: New York was really brilliant. 
Niall: It was incredible. We headlined a show at the Mercury Lounge, which is a really legendary venue. Some of our favourite bands like The Strokes have played there, so that was a really nice one to tick off and somehow people in New York have heard us and came out to see us and it was really full, it was really amazing. Then we did another show for DIY Magazine. Just to be in the city, one of our favourite cities, was great. We’re obsessed with everything about New York. 

That’s so awesome. Do you have any other stops in the US whilst you’re in town?

Aoife: Yeah, so after Austin we’re going to LA and we’re playing two shows there and we’re very excited for that. 
Niall: We don’t know what to really expect. None of us have been there before, so we hope it’s like the movies (laughs). We have to go see the Hollywood sign. 

Has there been any nerves with this being your first time playing shows in the US or is it just pure excitement?

Aoife: I think it’s a bit of both.
Andrew: It’s quite a lot of effort to get to America.
Niall: Visas and stuff take a lot of work, so by the time we actually got here, the stress and nerves were gone.
Andrew: Our preparation for the show is kind of the same, not that our shows are the same, but we’ve played so many shows now so we know how we run. American audiences are definitely different from what we’re used to, they’re really enthusiastic.
Aoife: Which is so nice. 
Andrew: Yeah, it’s really cool. I think when we play in the UK, the audience is great, our younger audience gets really enthusiastic, but over here everyone is like that. 

Are you all based in the UK now?

Aoife: Yeah, so we all live in London. 

What was the move like?

Aoife: Really good. We started the band in London. So it’s been home for a while now. We really like it and it’s helped the development of the band as there are so many venues to play in and we’ve made a lot of friends who have helped us out.

Have you played lots around the UK since the move?

Aoife: We just did a UK tour and when we get back we’re going on a tour with Sundara Karma and then we’re doing festivals so we’re going to be pretty busy. 

I love your new single ‘Never Let Go’ and the message is really important and incredible. What’s the story behind it?

Aoife: That song is about maintaining good mental health in darker times which for anyone who has been through that, and trying to stay positive and giving your friends a positive message. I think writing it, it was really much more of a self-affirmation but then I think it’s something that can reach an audience as well. 

It’s such a special single. And will it be leading to a bigger project like an EP or LP?

Niall: We’re releasing another single on the April 5th, and it will be a second single, and then the album will come out soon-ish after that. 

Along with the new single, what else is coming up as soon as you wrap up SXSW?

Aoife: So the tour with Sundara Karma, festivals, and then album shows.
Niall: We’re going to have loads and loads of shows. We did like 103 shows last year and we’re probably on course for doing more this year.

Wow, 103? That’s a lot! And you’re keeping it together (laughs)?

Niall: Absolutely, you tell us (laughs).

Well, you’re doing wonderfully from what I can tell (laughs).

Niall: And hopefully we come to Australia this year too.

That would be so awesome, that needs to happen soon!

Niall: We just signed with Dew Process, so hopefully we can make it happen. We will be there.

Then you can come hug some Koalas. 

Niall: What was that? Oh wait, yeah definitely, I thought you meant a festival (laughs). Sounds like it would be a good festival though, hugging koalas and live music.

That would be pretty cool. You guys should start it when you come over, people would love it.

Niall: We can do it together (laughs).

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)
Photography by Kristy Smolcic (folio)

You can check out the video for 'Never Let Go' below: