Interview: Hitching A Ride with Golden Vessel in Austin

Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Brisbane producer and musician Golden Vessel (along with Akurei) took Austin by storm during SXSW, wowing audiences with mesmerising live shows across the city. With the release of his highly anticipated debut album fast-approaching this year, we chatted to him in Texas about touring the US, ‘DIZZY’ and all the things he’s working on at the moment.

So, how has Austin been for you so far?

Really good. We got in and went straight to a showcase and then we had some time off and now I’ve got some big days of shows and interviews.

Before you got to Texas, you’ve been going around America recently, right?

Yeah, so I’ve been touring with BAYNK and Akurei, it was so much fun and a really good tour. Because BAYNK is from New Zealand and we’re from Australia, we share the same sense of humour and we got to hang out for a month and it was really awesome to see America. I think we ticked off 21 states and I want to try and do all 50 in my life, so I’m almost halfway. There's been so many nice people across America.

How have you been finding crowds different here from back home?

I think here, people come earlier to the shows. Everyone was here for the supports and they were really nice. Not that back home is bad or anything like that.

And congrats on ‘DIZZY’, I love the song a lot! 


How did the collab with Oscar Key Sung happen?

Oh man, I’ve really loved Oscar’s music since I was 14. I found him on Bandcamp or Unearthed. I happened to be in Melbourne and he had been living overseas for 9 months in Mexico, LA and Berlin, and he got back and I think he went straight to the airport to a HTMLflowers show and I quickly met him and I was like ‘I’m heading back to tomorrow and I would love to work with you’, and I don’t think he had even seen his mum yet and he was like ‘yeah, let's do it’ (laughs). I moved my flight back a few hours and the only studio we could get was my friend's bedroom and we only had three hours until I had to be at the airport, it came together really quickly. We got along really well and it was probably the easiest song to write. 

The video looks so cool as well. Was it a lot of fun to film?

Yeah, one of my best friends is a filmmaker and I was like ‘If I buy you a flight to Japan, would you like to film a couple of music videos’ and he was like ‘yeah’. So we just booked a flight for a few weeks and spent two weeks in Tokyo. It was so much fun. 

Were you nervous when you were filming it?

I got a little drunk, to be honest, it gave me a little more self-confidence in real life to sing in the streets. So yeah, it took a little liquid courage (laughs). 

Before filming ‘DIZZY’ had you been to Japan before?

I got to go twice last year and I would love to go more, even for just a week at a time, because I think Tokyo is the most interesting place. 

Did you get to do any writing on any of your previous trips there?

Nah, I find it a little hard to tap into the music scene there. But there a couple of bands that I know but they weren’t in Tokyo whilst I was there as they were on tour, but maybe next time I’ll try to hook up with them to do something.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve got the album coming out in May, and that’s been done since July. So I guess I’m just working on new music, working on my friend’s music. My friend Connor (Akurei), who I tour with, I’ve been working on his stuff. I have an Austrian friend called filous and I do a bit of co-production with him. So after SXSW, I am doing a week with him in a bougie villa in Beverly Hills and he has a grand piano in there and we will work on his music. So yeah, lots of writing at the moment, and it’s a lot of fun.

Did the album take a long time to put together?

I worked on it for a whole year, and then I sat on it for 10 months. It wasn’t too long of a process, just a bit of waiting for it to come out.

Can waiting sometimes be difficult when you’re keen to get something out?

I mean, it can sometimes be a little bit annoying, but it is what it is and sometimes it’s about waiting for the right time and going through the process. Because I get to work on friends’ music it keeps me busy and I’m not twiddling my thumbs and I’ve got music coming out in different ways, so it’s okay and I’m used to it now.

What’s been your highlight from your time at SXSW so far?

My booking agent from New York is a lot of fun and on Tuesday night we went out and had a big night and ended up at this random party, it was like a frat party in some random suburb, we were there until 5 (laughs). It was something that was going on and we just ended up there and it was fun.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)
Photos by Kristy Smolcic (folio)