Live Review: SXSW 2019 14.03.19 – ft. Novelist, The Blinders, Eliza Shaddad, Golden Vessel, Husky Loops & Willie J Healey

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Photo by Kristy Smolcic 

Night four in Austin saw us squeeze in six showcases, which is the most we’ve done in one night during our entire time at SXSW — and it was our favourite night yet. We take you through our highlights from another massive night in Texas.

Husky Loops at 720 Club 
We kicked off our night at Husky Loops’ riveting set at 720 Club. The packed out space turned into a wonderland of intricate beats and fine musicianship from the UK-based three-piece. Husky Loops' shows are an enticing experience for anyone who is lucky enough to see them live in action.

Eliza Shaddad at The Townsend 
After following Eliza’s music for a little while now, we were thrilled to finally see what she does best in a live setting, and it was impressive. Accompanied on-stage by two members from ISLAND, Eliza presented a moving display of raw vocals and storytelling and we were covered in goosebumps until the moment she departed the stage.

Willie J Healey at David’s Historic Sanctuary
SXSW 2019 has seen us hang out at the British Music Embassy most of the time, but after hearing around town that Church venues were a great place to catch showcases, we thought we would give it a go. We headed over to catch Willie J Healey for a second time this week, and it was just a special as the set he played at the British Music Embassy on Monday. It’s safe to say that we’re all going to be seeing much more of him as time goes by. Some highlights from his set included ‘666 Kill’ and ‘Lovelawn’.

Golden Vessel at Scratchhouse Backyard 
After being left mesmerised by Eliza Shaddad and Willie J Healey, the dreamy vibes continued through to Golden Vessel’s set at Scratchhouse Backyard. The support for Golden Vessel on the night was massive, winning the hearts of everyone who was there. The enchanting set included splendid releases, ‘BIGBRIGHT’, ‘Hesitate’ and ‘DIZZY’. Spotted mid-set was a group of dudes tracking down Golden Vessel’s Soundcloud, with them murmuring to each other, “this guy is about to be huge!".

Novelist at the British Music Embassy 
After dominating the Fader Fort, Novelist has become one of the most talked about rappers at SXSW and we had to see why. His buoyant set had the room frantic and everyone could feel his energy. Though we haven't had the chance to catch much rap this year, Novelist's set satisfied all our cravings.

The Blinders at the British Music Embassy 
Our last showcase for the night was The Blinders, who put on a memorable show. The Manchester-based three-piece were utterly ferocious from beginning to end. From the moment they pounced onto the stage, they had the entire room hypnotised in every way possible. Though their set was a highlight as a whole, some memorable moments included the fiery ‘L’Etat C’est Moi’ and always entrancing ‘Brave New World’. Walking out of the British Music Embassy, they were the talk of the night and without a doubt, one of our favourite sets from SXSW 2019.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)
Photos by Kristy Smolcic